Great Gifts for Coffee & Tea Enthusiasts

Hi, Everyone! Today I’m sharing my holiday wishlist for coffee and tea fanatics.

You know those people, maybe you are one yourself, who get really excited about having a cup of coffee or tea? My mother-in-law is one of those people. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her grandkids and drinking coffee!

These gifts are also great for people who are hard to shop for. You know who I mean!

1. Tea Forte Iced Tea Set: Some people love iced tea, but don’t like the sugary powder mixes. I’m one of those people! This set makes having iced tea on hand so easy! Try out new tea flavors with the sampler kit and brew it in your fridge.

2.“No Pants” Tea infuser and mug set: This set is perfect for loose tea drinkers. Fill the little man up with your favorite loose tea and let him hang out in your mug of hot water. Let it steep while you are cozying up on the sofa. Great for those times when no pants are necessary!

  1. Modern Coffee Mug set: It’s so nice to have a pretty set of mugs when guests come over. No need to serve a hot brew in your assorted mis-matched collection when you have a gorgeous set like this!
  2. Electric Cordless Kettle with Tea Infuser: Move into the modern era with an electric water kettle. Heat up as much water as you need (some days require more than one cup), or steep your tea in the kettle itself for an instant brew. No need to scorch yourself with microwaved water anymore!
  3. Matcha Tea Set: Have you jumped on the Matcha bandwagon yet? I discovered this potent tea sometime last year and it took me a little while to get my technique just right. Now I drink it whenever I need a little extra clarity and motivation. This set has all the tools you need to have a tea ceremony or just make a simple matcha at home.
  4. 3-cup Stove-top Espresso Pot: Bialetti is the espresso pot brand my family has been using for generations. This little pot makes just enough coffee for you and a friend. It’s perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up!

I hope this wishlist gives you the inspiration you need to find the perfect gifts!

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