Cozy Holiday Gifts

Today I’m sharing cozy holiday gifts.

My personal holiday wishlist typically involves a few “wearable” items and a few comfortable items for my home, because nothing says “holiday gift” like luxuriously cozy items.

Be sure to share this list with your friends and family–especially if you want some of these items for yourself!

  1. Cozy PJs: For me, cozy PJs are an absolute must for the holidays. I usually get one new “holiday” pair and one new “winter” set each year. In past years, I’ve gone with flannel-style button up shirts and matching pants, but this year I’m going with Henley style tops and cozy fitted pants.
  2. Cozy slipper socks: When the nights are cold, so are my feet. This style of slipper socks are perfect for cozying up on the couch by the fire.
  3. Faux fur throw pillow: How pretty is this snow leopard print? It’s cozy and perfect for cuddling.
  4. Faux fur throw: This blanket is so cozy and has the most adorable pom-pom fringe! Grabbing a neutral color means it can be moved from the couch to your bedroom.
  5. Monogram mug: I’m such a sucker for anything personalized! Nothing says “cozy” like a warm beverage. This personalized mug makes snuggling that much more fun!
  6. Slippers: These slippers are a yearly or bi-yearly investment for me. I need the kind with a solid base so that I can grab the mail or take out the trash without putting on real shoes. These are an essential for my cozy winter wardrobe.
  7. Candles: Nothing is more inviting than lovely scented candle! This candle stack allows for warm and cozy scents in several rooms of the house.

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Be on the lookout for more holiday wish lists coming soon!

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