The Fitness Guru’s Most Coveted Holiday Gifts

Hi! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite picks for the fitness lover in your life.

Whether this person loves to use the gym,  fitness studio or works out at home, these items are the latest, most coveted items on the market.

I made sure to include suggestions at a variety of price points so you’d be able to find something to fit your budget.

I did a write-up of some of my favs below…scroll down to check it out.

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My Favorites

Of all of the items on this list, there are a few that stand out as my favorites.


Zella High Waist Leggings are my favorite leggings to work out in, and to wear on weekends when I’m running errands.  The high waist make them really comfortable to move in, without having to worry about showing off more than you intended!  Plus, they come in really cute styles and prints!  They are totally worth the splurge!

That being said, my hot yoga instructor swears by Alo Yoga Leggings.  She says they whisk away sweat so you don’t feel damp, and are like a second skin.  Sounds amazing to me!

Water bottles

Hydroflask water bottles and Swell water bottles are very popular for a reason.  They are dual insulated so they dont “sweat” on the outside of the bottle, plus they keep your water cold for a REALLY long time.

Swell bottles will fit in the cup holder of your car and their slender shape make them light weight and easy to carry. They also come in some really pretty designs and are now widely available from a variety of retailers.

Hydroflask bottles come in a variety of sizes (I have the 18 oz and 32 oz sizes).  The 18 oz size is perfect for throw in your tote, on-the-go days.  Plus, it fits in my car’s cup holder! The 32 oz size is great for sitting at your desk at work, or filling up before heading out for the day because it gets heavy when its full.  There are also several bottle tops to choose from, including sports cap, flip straw cap and screw top (I own all of them and like the straw top best).  Lastly, Hydroflask bottles keep my water cold for an inordinate amount of time.  If I add ice to it before bed, I wake up with ice still in the bottle in the AM!  Now that’s insulation!

Yoga Mat

I might have the worst wrists for holding yoga poses.  About halfway through a workout, I can no longer take on downward dog or any standing/leaning poses because my wrists want to give out.

I used to use a very thickly padded mat, but I soon learned that the extra padding was not giving me the support I need.  I thought the extra foam would support my wrists, but instead, it made my poses wobbly and did nothing to help my wrists.

When I asked my instructor for a recommendation, she highly recommended the Manduka Pro yoga mat.  She explained that it’s expensive for a reason: it’s high density supports your body and offers better stability than cheaper mats.  Plus, they last a long time!

Yoga Towel

When I first started doing hot yoga, I was using a beach towel to cover my yoga mat and dry off.  For anyone who has tried this, you know how ineffective it is to dry off with a regular towel.

Yoga towels are super absorbent, are sized to fit your yoga mat (so you don’t have excess material hanging off the sides), and don’t slip around mid-session.  For these reasons alone, it’s worth it to spend a little extra on the right supplies. Plus, they are quick-drying and easy to wash.

Yoga Ball Chair

My sister uses a yoga ball as her computer desk chair to help her posture and build her core.  Although I’ve never tried out this technique, anything that does a double duty gets my attention (you with me, busy moms?).

When I came across this yoga ball chair online, it seemed like a more practical way to approach the sitting-while-getting-fit concept.  The legs prevent the chair from rolling out from under you, and I can use all of the stability I can get!

Elliptical Step Trainer

I added this elliptical step trainer to the wishlist because I want one for myself!  Since I don’t have space in my home for full-sized workout machines, this little guy is super attractive because I can store it in any small space when I’m finished.  I also love the price ($117 as I’m writing this!).  Sounds like the perfect holiday gift!

Thanks for stopping by! Be on the lookout for more holiday wishlist ideas coming soon to my HOLIDAY WISHLISTS tab!

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