Holiday Gifts for Babies

Today I’m sharing holiday gift ideas for the little ones in your life.

This post is especially written for those of you who have nieces, nephews, grandchildren or little friends/neighbors and don’t know what to buy them. Of course you could ask the baby’s parents, but it’s always nice to give a surprise!

The items on this list are from a variety of price points, and several of them are ones that completely saved my sanity as a new mom!

Think about sharing this wishlist with a pregnant friend, or new parent.

1. Rubber bib: (BLUE | PURPLE) When little ones start eating solid foods, these bibs are a mother’s BFF! They catch the food so it doesn’t drip into the baby’s lap. Plus, how cute are these designs?!

2. Wub-a-Nub: these pacifiers have a little stuffed animal attached so that babies can easily put the paci back in their mouth whenever it falls out. They come in a variety of animal choices to match any outfit! (We had 2 of them for each of our kids: one for the car and one for the crib. Add another if you want one for the diaper bag.). I’m partial to the giraffe, elephant, and lamb!

3. Hooded towel: Nothing makes bath time photos cuter than a little one in a hooded towel! Have a few on hand so you don’t always have to do laundry! I especially love the hippo, bunny and shark!

4. Personalized book: This is a book customized with the child’s name! It makes an adorable keepsake and a lovely surprise (especially for kids with uncommon names). There are several to choose from, including one on pirates, one on princesses, and a goodnight story. Be sure to order early enough to accommodate personalization.

5. Sophie: this is a teething child’s best friend. Tiny mouths can chew on the giraffe’s legs, face, etc to reach whatever part of their gums that are sore.

6. Winter hat and booties: This set looks so cozy! I wonder if it comes in grown-up sizes? It’s nice to give a set that looks cute and is warm enough for those cold, snowy nights. I always kept an extra around in case a bootie got lost, or the baby spit up on it!

7. Stroller blanket: I liked to keep a “nicer” blanket with my stroller, and I love that this one is knit on one side and Sherpa on the other. Pretty and warm…perfect!

That’s all for today’s post. Be sure to check out the Holiday Wishlists tab on my blog menu for more holiday gift ideas.

Of course if there is anything you’d like to see a wishlist for, drop me a comment below!

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