Holiday Gifts for Guys

Hi, everyone! Today I’m sharing my holiday wishlist ideas for the guys in your life.

Sometimes coming up with “creative” ideas is really tough, so I usually go the “practical” route.

My gifts typically consist of two categories: gifts that address his needs, which usually come in the form of upgrades (nicer versions of things he wears or uses regularly), and then gifts for his hobbies and interests.

Fortunately, my husband is not a shopper and he’s got more hobbies than I can count so I have a never-ending list of things I could buy him for his December birthday and Christmas.

But other family members are not so easy, so this list is comprised of the things that I’ve brainstormed to get for them, and I hope it helps you, too!

1. Puffer vest: A few years ago I got a puffer vest for my dad, the man who has everything, and he loved it so much that he wore it more than his favorite jacket. The allure to vests is that they allow a range of motion because there aren’t any sleeves to get in your way. Plus, this one is under $100!

  1. Ugg slippers: These are a must-have in our house. We wear them as indoor-outdoor shoes so that we can pick up the mail or take out the trash without having to wear “real” shoes. My husband just replaced his leather Ugg slippers for THIS pair.
  2. Leather wallet: Men’s wallets take a serious beating and over time, look worn. Upgrade his most used “accessory” this holiday season.
  3. Bluetooth Headphones (10% off): Help your guy move into the 21st century with new headphones. No more cords connecting your earbuds to your phone. The only cord drapes behind his neck to keep them connected. Brilliant!
  4. Backpack: Whether you are taking classes or hiking with your kids in tow, a backpack is a super convenient way to stay hands-free. I like this one because it’s the perfect size to fit all his stuff without being too big.  Plus, it’s under $65!
  5. Sunglasses (20 % off): This is an often overlooked holiday gift because, well, it’s winter! But don’t forget that sun glare is still a thing, and honestly, guys look handsome in a nice pair of sunnies! Upgrade his current pair to a polarized pair–he’ll notice the difference!
  6. Watch: This is one of my favorite holiday gifts! If a watch adorns his wrist day in and day out, get the man some new arm candy. I really like this particular watch because of it’s reasonable price point and it’s all-black face and band.
  7. Messenger bag: If your guy is a commuter, teacher, or student, he’ll need a sleek messenger bag to transport all of his stuff. I love this leather version because it looks sophisticated, yet rugged. Perfect!
  8. Winter boots (23% off): Keep his toes toasty and warm with a new pair of winter boots. These are sturdy, come in 3 color options, and cost under $110.
  9. Designer jeans (46% off): Every grownup should have one “nice” pair of jeans. Designer jeans fit better due to a better fabric blend, and typically have a more attractive wash. You can read my full post on why you should invest in premium denim HERE.

That’s all for today’s post. I hope it saves you some time this holiday season as you check people off your shopping list.

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